How to put on Latex Clothing

Latex Clothing is both strong and durable, however care must be taken when putting your clothing on.


Sharp finger nails can tear the latex very easily, especially items that are made out of thinner latex such as stockings and leggings.


To help with putting on the tight latex clothing we recommend a dressing aid is used, such as our beGloss Easy Glide range of products or Talcum Powder.  Both is used in the same way.  Put some on the inside of the clothing and some on your skin as well and this will help the clothing to slide on.  Try not to over stretch the garments too much when putting on.  


Make sure the seams are in the correct place to start off with and slide into the place as you slowly put the item on rather than putting on a pair of leggings for example then straightening them when they are completely on.