How to take care of your Latex Garments



Hand wash only. Use lukewarm water with a small amount of mild washing-up liquid detergent only.


After washing for about 5 minutes, rinse, and hang up to drip dry on a plastic or wooden hanger. Avoid all contact with metals when wet. Do not do this in bright sunlight.


Once dry, separate any layers which are stuck together, and sprinkle talcum powder/baby powder over the garment. This prevents the surfaces sticking together.

When dry and talced, store on a soft garment hanger inside a garment bag, ideally of black polythene plastic, in a dark wardrobe.


Keep away from sunlight, especially direct sunlight. Long term exposure to ultraviolet light causes latex to breakdown chemically causing loss of shiny surface.


Do not bring into contact with copper based metals or nickel based metals. These will cause a brown stain on the paler colours, and also start a chemical breakdown on all colours of rubber, causing loss of shiny surface. Copper is found in some jewellery, and of course in coins.


Do not put in a washing machine.


Do not use soap powder.


Do not dry clean.


Do not expose to oils. To make the rubber shiny use silicone spray, and use silicone based lubricants.