beGloss Perfect Shine 500ml

Latex Polish - PERFECT SHINE


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beGloss Perfect Shine 500ml

beGLOSS Perfect Shine - Perfect Shine and Sensitive Care - Flawless professional high gloss shine - Gentle intensive care for your latex fetish wear.


Our beGLOSS Perfect Shine latex polish has been specially formulated to be a conditioning polish and latex care all in one.


beGLOSS Perfect Shine Care Polish provides effective protection against everyday wear and harmful substances. beGLOSS seals latex clothing to help prevent damage!


Perfect Shine is also great for use on chlorinated latex.

Thanks to the handy and practical flip top lid with economical pouring spout, beGLOSS Perfect SHINE is super easy to measure out with precision.

Each and every beGLOSS bottle is hygienically sealed at the factory with a tamper-evident foil seal and is therefore protected against contamination from germs as well as preventing leaks during transit.


After bringing your latex clothing out of storage, we recommend washing the latex shortly before polishing. You will find that you will obtain a much better shine. We highly recommend our specially formulated beGLOSS Special Wash latex detergent for a gentle yet thorough clean.


Perfect Shine is quick and easy to use!


For best results:


Latex Care and polishing instructions are directly on the beGLOSS Perfect Shine bottle!


  1. Conventional use: swirl latex clothing through a Perfect Shine dip and let dry. If the latex is still sticky after the process you have used too much latex polish. Wash your latex again and repeat the process. We recommend beGLOSS Special Wash specially formulated latex detergent.

  2. Faster, better and easier: Simply apply latex polish directly to the latex with our beGLOSS Wipe polishing cloth and buff to a brilliant shine. Instant results!

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