Vivishine Viviwipe and Spray Bundle

Vivishine Spray and Viviwipe.


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Vivishine Viviwipe and Spray Bundle

Long lasting, visible deep shine and intensive care for all latex and rubber products. With a unique spray head for great results.

VIVISHINE Spray supplements the basic care with VIVISHINE and is ideal for polishing to high-gloss finishes. Optionally the surface can also be re-polished with a damp cloth. The fine spray mist hits exactly where it should go and can be dosed easily. The spray can be used anywhere, anytime, because it can be applied in any situation. Dull spots on the knees, buttocks or elbows can be treated specifically, as well as whole outfits can be brought to the highest possible gloss.

The polishing cloth for the perfect shine on all types of latex clothing.

VIVIWIPE is the ideal combination to VIVISHINE Spray. The viscosity is optimized to be used with this polishing cloth. Immediately after polishing the latex is no longer oily. Just the high gloss appearance remains without being greasy. It lasts for several hours due to its anti-static impact.

This special latex polishing cloth is different from customary micro fiber or polishing clothes which are very often unsuitable for latex: They soak up all the shine, fluff or stick on the latex surface. Not so VIVIWIPE which removes lint or dust and gives a clean surface.

VIVIWIPE gives latex a magic dry shine. On top of this it is much less expensive than similar products from other vendors.



Application VIVISHINE Spray is applied from a distance of 20-30cm directly onto the latex surface. The fine mist spreads itself on the surface and shines. For larger surfaces, a lint-free cloth can be used to ensure a uniform distribution. This works best if the cloth is already soaked in some VIVISHINE after repeated application or moistened with water. This way, the cloth does not absorb everything in, but rather allows a good spread with fine shine.

- Latex Polishing Cloth for a perfect dry latex high gloss.

- Special latex polishing cloth, double-layered blue/yellow, developed for latex care.

- Removes too much applied latex care and herewith supports the perfect shine.

- Absolutely lint-free

- Anti-static impact for several hours

- Washable with VIVICLEAN or other gentle detergent.

- Durable and well-priced

- Optimal handy size