Vivishine 2.5l

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Vivishine 2.5l

Vivishine Latex Rubber Clothing Polish.
Huge 2.5l Container

VIVISHINE is the optimal basis for the shine and care of latex. Ideally, VIVISHINE is added in the rinsing water right after washing, and thus distributed perfectly over the entire surface of the material. The application is particularly simple, economical and effective. This process protects the sensitive latex surface and preserves it at the same time as there is no friction created during polishing.

After treatment with VIVISHINE, the latex clothing can easily be hung in the closet or stored in a garment bag. When dressing, the latex clothing shines from the roots and the surface feels smooth. With VIVISHINE, latex outfits remain permanently shiny, smooth and graceful as on the first day.


Wash the latex thoroughly after wearing. VIVICLEAN is the most suitable for this purpose, which not only gently and thoroughly washes but also disinfects. This prevents the formation of bacteria, sweat or the like in the material. It is best to take off the latex under the shower and wash it.

After washing, run a few liters of clear water into the tub and add some VIVISHINE. The latex should be bathed in it for a short time, so that all areas are evenly wetted. 

Shake off the surplus water off the latex and let it hang up for a few hours to dry and air out. With hard water (chalky water), it is recommended to dab the water drops with a towel. A perfect shine is ready.

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